Tradeshows and customer events

Tradeshows and events often consume 30% of the typical marketing budget although they are the hardest activities to measure your ROI. How can you justify the expense?

Treating a tradeshow or customer event as an end-to-end campaign is a great place to start so the plan goes something like this:

  • Define the goals – before booking your booth!
  • Plan well ahead – your lead generation and awareness activities, booth staffing, brand champions, booth demos
  • Create a marketing plan as you would for any other activity
  • Launch the campaign, promote and engage
  • Manage the presence, booth etiquette, subject-matter-experts, engagement and lead processes
  • Follow up – your leads, sales team, PR, analysts, social media etc

Martin has a well-proven and extensively used methodology to run an event campaign and ensure goals are set and measured to ensure your company gets that ROI.

Event types Martin can assist with include:

  • Large or small tradeshow planning and activation – global experience with some of the largest venues, organizers and vendors
  • Customer events – promotion, on-event logistics, managing attendees and sales follow-up
  • Engagement – PR and analyst engagement planning and scheduling
  • Customer hospitality – sourcing events, building relationships and hosting customers at global sporting events. In particular sports and historic racing and Formula One