Using a CRM for a growing business

Are you a smallish business with a disparate database of contacts, leads, opportunities and customers and have challenges keeping up with email, engagement and deal management? Did you know there is a free version of the Hubspot CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool you can use without any cost (that’s the free bit) and enjoy many of the features usually only available with the paid tools.

Admittedly its still a bit of work to get it set up and integrated with your website (you need your own website and Domain) , set up your data management, lists, email templates etc but the savings can be significant.

According to HubSpot, the CRM will be free to use forever – even if you’re not a paying HubSpot customer. Not only is it free, but it includes unlimited users – meaning you can add your ENTIRE team – Marketing, Sales, whoever!

If you’re considering investing in Salesforce, first take a look at Hubspot and how much easier it is to get up and running quickly and the much reduced implementation expenses.

It’s not without limitations of course so take time to explore the pros and cons although if you’re a growing or small business it may be all you need. ‘Forever and free’ as someone once said.

I can assist you with the initial assessment and implementation of Hubspot or other tools. Read more about my approach and get in touch for a no obligation quote.